Thursday, 23 February 2017


So if you’re like me and follower hundreds of different fitness professionals on social media you will have seen Sweet Sweat.  I had seen some YouTube videos where fitness models had used it but let’s face it they are already impressively toned so to me there wasn’t a great difference.  However, as I’m told I’m a marketer's dream and will try anything I purchased the sweet sweat jar from Amazon at £27.99.  As I was a little sceptical about the product I didn’t spend the £28.00 on their waist trimmer belt I bought a cheaper version for £14.00.  

I wore the cream and the waist trimmer for a double Les Mills Body attack and Body combat class, anyone who knows these fitness classes can confirm that there is a lot of up and downs, bouncing and general bending which was not comfortable in this waist trimmer. 

There was a lot of water lost during the workout but the trimmer hindered my work out to the point I didn’t give it my all.

Fast forward to Winter and the Christmas party season was around the corner so I thought why not try it again, however this time I had seen several YouTube videos were fitness models were doing burpees in the waist trimmer so I purchased the Sweet Sweat trimmer and it was so much better, the material it’s made out of is so flexible & comfortable to wear I wore it for a week to work out and the results were fantastic. 
Yes, I know it was all water weight and soon come back on, but it worked for my purpose, I got in to a tight dress without the pouch that is always present and I felt great.   I would recommend this product for a short term fix along with diet and exercise. 

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